This project is a key first step on the path to developing a commercial offshore hydrogen production industry and will demonstrate innovative solutions with significant exploitation potential within Europe and beyond. 

The OYSTER project partners share a vision of hydrogen being produced from offshore wind at a cost that is competitive with natural gas (with a realistic carbon tax), thus unlocking bulk markets for green hydrogen (heat, industry, and transport), making a meaningful impact on CO2 emissions, and facilitating the transition to a fully renewable energy system in Europe. To achieve this vision several innovations are required, all of which will be demonstrated in this project: 

  1. Develop and test a fully mariniszed electrolysis system.
  2. Demonstrate how an offshore electrolysis system can connect to multi-MW scale offshore wind turbines.
  3. Optimise design concepts for future offshore wind-to-hydrogen production systems. 
  4. Prepare for more extensive offshore testing and commercial deployment.